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In an ever-changing world, exchanges are vital.
This is why IRISnet’s collaborators are doing everything to ensure Brussels-Capital Region has the best telecommunications services.


Exchange:a key issue

From a Public-Private Partnership (PPP)between the Brussels-Capital Region, the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC) and Orange Belgium, the IRISnet SCRL has a vital mission: to manage the extension of the broadband fibre optic network across the entire region and to provide related telecommunication services.

To communicate better, and to make the Brussels-Capital Region a smart city. Orange


Working tools that will create tomorrow’s exchanges

Our customers’ services are always evolving.

This is why IRISnet is developing efficient telecommunications services to enable them toboost their activitiesso that they can meet all demands, and support them in their future challenges.

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Exchange to see further

Developing the Brussels-Capital Region so that it can be granted smart city status.

To achieve this ambition, the Region can count on the active participation of IRISnet. This applies to security, theVideo Protection projector educational projects, like Fiber to the School, or in the fight against the digital divide, with the project, which offers free internet connection, at a good rate, in many of the Region’s public places and in STIB metro stations.

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