IRISnet participates actively in all these solutions enabling the Brussels-Capital Region to develop as a smart city.

Fiber to the School

Exchange to grow

FIBER TO THE SCHOOL is a regional project that aims to connect all secondary schools in the Brussels-Capital Region to IRISnet optical fibre by 2019.

In order to offer a high-speed connection to the Region’s secondary schools, the BRIC has commissioned IRISnet SCRL to complete this project. It aims to connect 166 Brussels secondary schools with a guaranteed speed of 100 Mbps.

Sabine Verheyden
– Head of the Lutgardis School, in Auderghem

Previously, the school had a ‘slow’ ADSL Internet connection, which was totally unsuited to relatively intensive use during lessons; the inadequate internet connection put people off using IT tools, both teachers and students.

When we received the proposal to participate in the Fiber to the School (FTTS) project, we didn’t hesitate for long: IRISnet kept its promises and supplied us, quickly and professionally, with a fast and reliable internet connection.

The FTTS project really does have enormous added value for the school. It has greatly improved the motivation of students and teachers to use IT and interactive learning tools during lessons. It has also given the school the opportunity to achieve one of the targets set during its last inspection. We are therefore delighted to have been one of the first participants in the project! 

Video Protection

Exchange for better security

Video Protection is a vital element in the development of a smart city.

To such an extent that the Brussels government made it a priority by approving a Video Protection central platform project for the entire Region. IRISnet operates and develops this system.  

IRISnet’s ambition is still: to pool high-tech solutions and to offer its customers the opportunity to have an efficient service at a reasonable cost. Video Protection also meets this need and allows different organisations to have the latest technology in video security and to be able to share images with designated third parties.

Exchange to live a better life in our Region

Brussels connects its inhabitants and visitors to its free Wi-Fi network in various public places across the Region: administrative centres, public squares and green spaces and, since 2016, there have been hotspots in the metro stations.

Furthermore, the programme includes the mass deployment of access points to cover the royal museums and other pedestrianised zones in the near future.