To exchange is also to support you


As a telecommunications partner, IRISnet acts as an intermediary to support its customers in their technological and organisational evolution.

This support is based on a consultancy service in the field of telecommunications, its associated services and help focused on change.

New way of working

Whether it be for the innovation of your IT environment or for your business applications solutions, you can call on professionals providing expertise in the following relevant areas:

  • Mobility
  • Communication tools
  • Internal and external network architecture
  • Support for operational and organisational changes

IRISnet will meet your needs by offering specific profiles based on skills and experience in the field, such as:

  • Network System Engineer

    (Network System Engineer)

  • Product & Domain Expert

    (Product & Domain Expert)

  • Functional Analyst

    (Functional Analyst)

  • Database Administrator

    (Database Administrator)

  • Artificial Intelligence specialist

    (AI specialist)

  • Project & Programme Manager

    (Project & Programme Manager)

  • Etc.

These profiles will be offered to you on the basis of daily rates, varying in line with the field of expertise and the number of years’ experience of the consultant.