LAN-WLAN Management

To exchange is to share.

LAN-WLAN Management (Data sharing)

Exchange and information sharing are the keys to your organisation’s success.

In this context, IRISnet supports its customers in optimising local networks in order to guarantee the stability and the performance of all their applications.

On your premises, your collaborators must be able to share the data and have access to the different shared devices, such as printers, data and application servers, and other business devices, whether via the wired network or the wireless network (WLAN). To do this, you need to create a local network within your company.

The maintenance of this network requires resources with specific knowledge, in order to ensure the smooth running of the network and to intervene quickly when an incident arises.

By installing and managing your local network (Local Access Network – LAN) through the ‘LAN Management’ service, IRISnet helps you to ensure sharing and efficient use of your data on your local IT network, while avoiding monopolising internal resources for this purpose.

IRISnet can offer you a customised service based on:

1. The type of LAN equipment to be managed, divided into 3 categories:

  • ‘Core’, ‘Distribution’ or ‘Access’ type equipment/switches
  • IRISnet is able to supply material. Its standard is based on the Cisco and HP range

2. The type of service offered:

  • Standard’, ‘Advanced’ or ‘Advanced +’ service, providing increasingly more comprehensive management services

3. The level of service offered (SLA):

  • ’SLA – Base’, ‘SLA – Premium’ and ‘SLA – Gold’ services, ensuring increasingly more extensive management and intervention windows

Whatever the option chosen, IRISnet will take responsibility for:

  • Providing an information sharing platform
  • Managing documentation (software diagrams, addresses, etc.)
  • Monitoring the LAN
  • Backup of configurations and regular backup
  • Support in cases of questions or incidents, both in French and Dutch, and available as outlined in the SLA
  • Tracking software developments in your equipment

At the WLAN level, IRISnet supports your wireless infrastructure from end to end, whether it is connected to our centralised redundant back-up infrastructure, or to independent infrastructure. We offer a solution based on the Cisco platform.

The service includes:

  • Study of the ideal coverage (site survey)
  • Cabling and installation of access points
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Software maintenance
  • Support

If you wish, we can also offer a solution based on HP-Aruba.