Voice & Video

To exchange is to converge


IRISnet connects your private telephone exchange (PBX) in line with current standards (ISDN PRA or SIP) to our technical infrastructure. IRISnet also offers you its huge fibre optic network, deployed across the Brussels-Capital Region. This infrastructure is compatiblewith all (IP)PBX makers. Thanks to our telephone solutions, you will benefit from favourable rates during your calls.

UC private cloud (private cloud – convergence services)

Gather all your business communication in a single unified communication service. If you do not have your own telephone equipment, IRISnet offers you cloud services that provide you with a centralised solution. This service offers multiple benefits:

  • Space saving:

    all the infrastructure is kept in our data centres rather than on your premises.

  • Our data centres:

    professional and backed up, they assure you a secure and stable environment, at the vanguard of modern technology, so as to meet the most exacting requirements.

  • Maintenance, upgrades and interviews:

    IRISnet carries out and supports all operations, freeing your staff from these tasks.

  • Substantial savings:

    technology and security at this high level are an important investment, all managed by IRISnet. Thanks With this service, you benefit from such technology at affordable prices.

In cloud services, IRISnet offers you two options:

  • ConnectMe :

    the ConnectMe application is compatible with PC, Mac and smartphone.

    It allows you to control and manage your status, calls, screen sharing, chat and video. Whenever and wherever you want.

  • OneNet :

    by integrating fixed telephony with mobile phones, this application brings you all the advantages of both worlds on your mobile phone. Whether you are in your car, office, at home, or on public transport, during working hours, it is your landline number that is shown to people calling you. Another advantage: you can also be contacted on just one number and you choose who you will give your mobile number. Wherever you might be, you are available during office hours, while retaining your privacy at weekends and during holidays.

Contact Center

We are convinced that, within your organisation, the customer is at the centre of everything. It is therefore essential to personalise and optimise this relationship, particularly when customers are trying to reach out to your organisation. The Contact Center enables this. Not only does this service allow you to send out and supervise calls to the requested contacts, it also helps you to manage a large number of calls that have to be directed to the most appropriate collaborator. Moreover it helps you to measure, for example, the number of calls completed or abandoned, as well as the average waiting time. With this knowledge, you can make appropriate decisions and be in a stronger position to to improve your relationswith your customers.

With the Contact Center, long delays and being put on hold are things of the past. The IRISnet Contact Center guarantees the speed and efficiency of each customer contact: the agent who has the most relevant expertise and the most specific qualifications is put in contact with the caller.

Like cloud services, the Contact Center is located at IRISnet.

So you don’t have to install anything at home in terms of equipment and storage space. That’s a big advantage. All data is stored securely in a professional and redundant data centre.

Upgrades and maintenance are managed on schedule by IRISnet.

In short, you have nothing to worry about.


A flexible price plan, a high-performance mobile network in partnership with our Orange private shareholder, and simple management. IRISnet Mobile has all the strengths to be the perfect mobile solution for your organisation.

Choose from five rates based on data (200 Mb, 1 Gb, 2 Gb, 5 Gb and 10 Gb) and developed to meet the needs of each user profile in your fleet. Make life easy for your employees with unlimited and advantageous tariffs, and allow them to use their device for private purposes thanks to our shared billing option. Call, send SMS texts or surf anywhere in the world, as easily as in Belgium, thanks to our roaming solutions.

Take advantage of 4G on your tablets and laptops

With Business Everywhere, employees in your organisation can workwherever they want, on all their mobile internet devices.

There is also the Pocket Hotspot 4G, an easy-to-use compact device that enables you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot, no matter where you are. Connect your tablet, laptop or other Wi-Fi device to your Pocket Hotspot to be certain not to miss any important information.

Indoor coverage

Current construction techniques and standards offer very effective insulation, but unfortunately they can considerably weaken the mobile network’s signal. To address this, we have put in place efficient and tailored solutions for organisations. One example is the Network Extender standard solution, which is directly connected to your internet line, and provides a 3G signal at a distance of up to 20 metres and can cope with up to 16 simultaneous calls or larger solutions with the internal installation of active or passive signal repeaters.

Managing your usage

With the MyInvoices application, a single click is enough to control your data usage and invoices. You can easily follow your users’ usage, but also manage and analyse all your expenses.